Megatours 1 Ltd offers services at all stages of the construction process – from the investment design to the construction and commissioning of the buildings.


Using a high level of technical and administrative experience and strict organization with delegated responsibility, we strive to build healthy first-class buildings and achieve optimal cost of ownership in cooperation with our clients.


Megatours 1 Ltd. performs the whole spectrum of finishing and repair works of residential, office buildings and administrative buildings, reconstruction of buildings, rehabilitation, structural cabling and construction of communication networks, complete construction of water and sewage systems, electrical installations, HVAC, construction reinforcements etc.


Мегатурс 1 EООД разполага със собствен изцяло оборудвани цехове за производство на PVC и алуминиева дограма, електро-табла “Призма” на Шнайдер Електрик, блиндирани и интериорни врати, стоманени и алуминиеви изделия, офис и кухненски мебели.